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All of our band packages come with a DJ as well. No down time between sets. Just high energy or background music to continue the flow of any party. Band/DJ

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The Joe Sheldon Band will play the hits from the 1940's to the year 2000.

The Best of Both Worlds! All the following packages come with a DJ package as well. No down time between sets. Just high energy or background music to continue the flow of any party.

Joseph Sheldon Band With this non-stop variety band playing all the hits from the 40’s to today, get ready to party! This band has the versatility to rock the house like AC/DC or be as smooth as satin with the crooning songs of Sinatra.

Jump Jive and Wail Band Interactive, high energy, Dance, Dance, Dance! And get ready to party, party, party! Jump swing band from the 40’s 50’s and 60’s. That is what this band is all about. With DJ interaction and DJ music between the sets, the party never stops! And if you think your party might require some current tunes from the 70’s, 80’s and beyond we can do that too!

Go Man Go! If it’s the 50’s you want look no further! The birth of Rock and Roll will make you want to stroll and do the twist with the best of Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Elvis, Bill Haley and the Comets, Ritchie Valens, and more. Let us get your sock hop hoppin’.

Trio 3 piece band with DJ. This package is great for any party that wants to have live music but would also like a dj to get things current. DJ will play during the breaks as well as play music the last hour of your party or as long as you would like! Call for this special party!

Solo guitarist with backup tracks .  For garden parties, wine tastings and special grand openings and events please call to arrange. Music will range from Standard Favorites to Original Music featuring JoJo Styles.  For something different and memorable this package is sure to bring energy and delight to any party. Like a tropical kiss on a moonlit night or sunshine on a sandy beach. This music will transform you and your guests to another place. All the favorite standards can be played as well as original music from bossa Nuevo cds 1 and 2 and One Hot Number. This package is definitely different and memorable!

Solo guitarist or Flute/Guitar Duo's . For wedding ceremonies, cocktail parties and more.  Plays all the favorite standards! 

Let One of our Bands play your favorite songs at your special event! Call    510-357-7770!

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