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The Pro's are known for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs that everyone will enjoy and be talking about for years to come!

From our experience of performing at 1,000s of Bar/Bat Mitsvahs we have found that there are many unique and creative ways to start off an event.

Two Very popular ways to start your event...

1)   Background music While adults and kids are arriving, food and beverages are served. Sometimes we will engage the kids with games and trivia and take requests. Then at the right time we will introduce the Bar/Bat Mitzvah ( we can announce the entire family as well) and start into the Mazel Tov Hora.

2)   Start off with a bang! The doors open and we hit with high energy set that usually leads to introducing the Bar/Bat Mitzvah into a Mazel Tov Hora. Though every event is different, these 2 ways to start are the most used. It is always fun to give our guest of honor an intro with music and a dancer on both arms or whatever theme you have in mind.

Mitzvah Ceremonies...

There are many ceremonies that can take place during the event. Knowing the ceremonies is the key. From the Moitze (blessing over the bread) and Kiddush or Havdallah (we can provide live guitar accompaniment) to the the candle lighting, we can help everything flow smoothly. (Check with us for candle lighting song suggestions!)

Our extensive music library is constantly updated with the most popular songs and dances. We have all the styles dating back to Big Band through the most current Billboard top 40. No Worry’s, all of our top 40 hits are radio edit so no one gets surprised by explicit lyrics.

Let the Games begin...

We have dozens of games and are creating more every week. If you have a favorite let us know and we will add that to the mix. With props like hula hoops, limbo, jump rope, balloons, game shows, etc we will keep the kids involved and on the dance floor. Dancing with our stars, we love to get interactive with dances everyone can do and if you don’t know how we will teach you. Cha Cha Slide, Cupid Shuffle and the Macarena are just a few of the favorites. The Snowball is an effective to get everyone on the floor and is a great ice breaker.

Trivia, Name that tune, Pepsi 7up and the Scavenger hunt are some of the games most requested. Whatever the theme, style, or groove you choose, The Have a Pro’s will be there at the right time to make it happen.

Let’s Have a Party... 510-357-7770

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